Over liver flush

Preventive support and regular detoxification of the liver.

Not for people with a history of alcolism, chronic liver inflammation, pancreatic insufficiency or gastritis. In case of liver-overburdening apart from a cleansing cure: no animal fats, meat or anything baked /fried. Recommended are high quality foods, raw vegetables, vitamins, mineral and trace elements.

Every three months squeeze out 2 oranges and 2 lemons with 1 to 3 crushed fresh cloves of garlic. Mix this in a glass with 2 spoonfuls of cold pressed olive oil. Take this mix on an empty stomach. The rest of the day eat only fruit and vegetables. Stop all unnecessary medication on that day.

To be taken one or several days in a row or 2-3 days a week during three weeks.

Liver-pack(part of the intensive bowel cleansing)

To do it as a 14-21 day cure. For instance during an afternoon-nap.

At least one hour daily you put a towel with a hotwater bottle on the area on the right side of the chest, below the breast or nipple. Close an outher wrap around it, in such a way that no air can come between. The warmth promotes the metabolism and circulation of the liver which aids in the detoxification.

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